Rio Grande River is a Dry Fly Paradise

18 February 2013
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Rio Grande River is a Dry Fly Paradise

18 February 2013, Comments: 0

Check out this short clip of our 2012 summer float season on the Rio Grande River.  This river is truly a dry fly paradise and […]

16 February 2013
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February Fishing Report

16 February 2013, Comments: 0

  River Conditions in February Most of our local rivers are under ice and snow, however the Animas has started to clear up considerably.  […]

15 February 2013
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Rental & Demo Rod Sale

15 February 2013, Comments: 2


21 January 2013
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Why We Love Winter on the San Juan

21 January 2013, Comments: 0

Here are a few reasons why we love fishing the San Juan in winter. 1.  Less people, you could even call it peaceful and […]

4 October 2012
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Shoulder Season

4 October 2012, Comments: 0

Fall, or shoulder season as it is known here in Durango, is a time when fly shop staff and guides cut out to do […]

10 July 2012
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The State of Our State

10 July 2012, Comments: 0

Mountain living: peaceful, serine, secluded, safe. I hear the phrase “the end is nigh” more and more these days.  Ok so maybe I don’t […]

2 June 2012
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An Introduction

2 June 2012, Comments: 0

What’s up blogosphere?  I thought I would put a word in here and introduce myself.  My name is Andy and I will be a […]

1 June 2012
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1 June 2012, Comments: 0

June is upon us and the snowmelt is pretty much done.  The Animas River is fishing well and the high mountain creeks and the […]

18 May 2012
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Durangler’s News!

18 May 2012, Comments: 0

Area Waters:  With the moderating temperatures and our current snowpack condition, we are seeing wonderful conditions on the Animas for streamer fishing.  Numerous big […]

9 May 2012
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Hermosa Park Road Open!

9 May 2012, Comments: 0

  Since the Forest Service opened the Hermosa Park Road on May 1, we now have access to the East Fork of Hermosa Creek. […]

27 March 2012
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Why can’t I catch fish on the Animas?

27 March 2012, Comments: 3

Almost 30 years ago when I first fished the Animas, there were a few caddis, a few sculpin and a few large brown trout. […]

18 March 2012
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March Madness for PIKE, BIG PIKE!

18 March 2012, Comments: 0

Spring’s here and it’s a great time to fish for Pike and Smallmouth. DURANGLERS is your resource for guided Pike and Smallmouth trips. Check […]

1 March 2012
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March Fly Fishing Tip Of The Month

1 March 2012, Comments: 0

Lately the Animas has been fishing decent from about 10 to 3.  Sculpin patterns (streamers) seem to be the ticket although we have seen […]

7 February 2012
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Animas River Fishing Report 2/6/12

7 February 2012, Comments: 0

Fishing Report Courtesy Of Duranglers Guide Spencer Schreiber        Conditions on the Animas River are more favorable for fishing than they normally […]

31 January 2012
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February Fly Fishing Tip Of The Month

31 January 2012, Comments: 0

Historically, February is a great winter month for fishing the Animas and the San Juan. Longer days and slightly warmer temperatures can bring on […]

20 January 2012
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5 Rivers TU-San Juan Quality Waters Program

20 January 2012, Comments: 0

Monday, Feb. 6, Mark Wethington will present a report on the habitat improvement work recently completed in the Quality Waters, braids section.  This is […]

12 January 2012
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San Juan River Guide Trip 1/5/12

12 January 2012, Comments: 0

Last week I got a chance to guide one of my favorite guys, Craig Gillihan.  Craig lives in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and we have fished […]

4 January 2012
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January Fly Fishing Tip Of The Month

4 January 2012, Comments: 0


3 December 2011
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December 2011 Tip Of The Month

3 December 2011, Comments: 0

With Christmas just around the corner, its time to start thinking about those special gifts for all the anglers in your family. We have […]

1 December 2011
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San Juan River Project Complete

1 December 2011, Comments: 0

The habitat project on the San Juan River below Navajo Dam has been completed and flows have been restored to 500 cfs on December […]

16 November 2011
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November 2011 Tip Of The Month

16 November 2011, Comments: 0

November is a great time to get out on the river; no crowds and still good fishing. With the recent moisture, flows in the […]

5 November 2011
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San Juan River Quality Water Habitat Project

5 November 2011, Comments: 0

On Monday October 31, 2011 Habitat Improvement work begin in the Braids Area of the San Juan.  Work is expected to be completed no […]

29 October 2011
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Andros South Bonefish Trip

29 October 2011, Comments: 0

Lets Go Fishing!! Duranglers Tom Knopick will be hosting our 3rd annual trip to Andros South Lodge on Andros Island in the Bahamas.  The staff […]

20 October 2011
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Sage One Fly Rods

20 October 2011, Comments: 0

Come on in to the shop and check out the new Sage One fly rod.   The Sage One is quickly developing a reputation as […]


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