Animas River Conditions 4/12/11

12 April 2011
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Animas River Conditions 4/12/11

12 April 2011, Comments: 0

The Animas is a free flowing River and conditions can vary dramatically in the spring.  There will be times it is in great shape […]

8 April 2011
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San Juan River Flow Forecast

8 April 2011, Comments: 0

It is still very early in the game to know exactly how spring flows will shake out below Navajo Dam but here is what […]

5 April 2011
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April 2011 Tip Of The Month

5 April 2011, Comments: 0

Lately the Animas is looking very good and has yielded some decent Blue Winged Olive hatches and fish looking up.  Look for this trend […]

29 March 2011
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San Juan River 3/29/11

29 March 2011, Comments: 0

The San Juan River below Navajo Dam continues to fish very well.  The fishing has been solid all winter and early spring with good […]

24 March 2011
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Duranglers Fly Fishing Festival

24 March 2011, Comments: 0


21 March 2011
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Good News For The Piedra River

21 March 2011, Comments: 0

The Piedra River is one of our faverite waters in the Durango area and has everything a trout stream should have.  It has a […]

21 March 2011
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Five Rivers Trout Unlimited Banquet

21 March 2011, Comments: 0

Our local Trout Unlimited Chapter’s spring fundraising banquet will be held on April 2nd at Fort Lewis college. Tickets are $40/person or $75/couple, and […]

21 March 2011
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Confused About Fly Lines? “Don’t Be”

21 March 2011, Comments: 0

Scott Harkins is our Sales Rep for Scientific Anglers and will give a Power Point Presentation at our Fly Fishing Festival.  With so many […]

15 March 2011
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Charlie Craven “Fly Tying Demo”

15 March 2011, Comments: 0

Charlie from Charlie’s Fly Box is on of the best fly tier’s we have ever seen and we are excited to have him coming to […]

8 March 2011
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Pike Fly Fishing Clinic

8 March 2011, Comments: 1

With the warming days of early spring the surface water temps on Navajo Reservoir have been pushing above 40 degrees.  This is good news […]

7 March 2011
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March 2011 Tip Of The Month

7 March 2011, Comments: 0

Lately the Animas has been fishing decent from about 10 to 3.  Midges are coming off and, as the weather continues to moderate, we […]

22 February 2011
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Loyal Tee

22 February 2011, Comments: 0

We just partnered up with a new Colorado company and we think are doing some cool stuff.   Loyal Tee is a t-shirt collective featuring […]

21 February 2011
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21 February 2011, Comments: 1

Lets Go Fishing!! Duranglers has spots available for this very exiting fly fishing trip. If you are interested in Salt Water fishing we have […]

20 February 2011
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20 February 2011, Comments: 0

Lets Go Fishing!! Duranglers has spots available for this very exiting fly fishing trip. Come to the Babine River in British Columbia and fish […]

8 February 2011
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February 2011 Tip Of The Month

8 February 2011, Comments: 0

Historically, February is a great winter month for fishing the Animas and the San Juan. Longer days and slightly warmer temperatures can bring on […]

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