How about a custom trout fly assortment…discounted!

18 January 2019
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18 January 2019, Comments: 0

How about a custom trout fly assortment…discounted!


You know the drill for the summer fly fishing trip: drive a few hours, roll into town, stop by the fly shop to see what’s working, and then head out to the river for the evening hatch.

What if you could just head to the river first thing when you rolled into town?  Not a bad idea eh?

Well, our ever-popular Custom Trout Fly Assortment just got a little more awesome.  Now until our January 25th, we are offering 20% off any of our custom trout assortments.  These are not pre-packaged assortments mind you.  Every assortment is hand selected by our staff and curated to order.  We pick the best bugs for your selected river (or area) for the season or month you will be fishing!

Pick up a custom assortment for anywhere in our area (or Colorado) by using the coupon code FILLTHATBOX at the checkout.

These assortments are a great way to get in the game early or replenish your depleted fly box from last year.  Offer only available on our online store.


Andy McKinley
Andy manages Duranglers Flies and Supplies online store and web content. When he is not plugging away in the basement of Duranglers, he can be found in the shop talking weird flies, throwing spey casts for few fish, eating pizza, drinking coffee, painting, and raising a family in Southwest Colorado.

His fly fishing writings have been published on blogs such as the Daily Drake and Simms Wading Room.

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