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Lamson Speedster Fly Reel




When you need to pick up a lot of line quickly, the Speedster does so with ease.  A great reel from Lamson that incorporates their world famous drag system to put the hurt on a fast moving fish.

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Product Description

Making a good thing better is what Lamson is all about. The Lamson Speedster fly reel is a super-high retrieve rate reel with a narrower spool, inboard mounted handle and an outer diameter significantly larger than the highest performing reels. The narrow spool prevents line barreling, the added circumference and inboard handle improve retrieve rate. Mate these features with Lamson’s time tested smooth as silk, maintenance free drag system, Classic Waterworks Lamson styling and attention to detail, and you have what the name implies: A Hotrod of a reel.

Format: Super Arbor
Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum,stainless steel
Finish: Hard Alox

(You will receive an e-mail after you purchase this reel in which you can reply and indicate left or right hand retrieve.)


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Additional Information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 x 4.75 x 3.5 in


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Speedster 1 3.1″ 0.088 3.40 oz 2,3,4 WF3 35 yds 20# $289
Speedster 1.5 3.5″ .95″ 3.90 oz 3,4 WF4 100 yd 20# $289
Speedster 2 3.75″ .95″ 4.20 oz 5,6 WF6 100 yd 20# $299
Speedster 3 4.0″ 1.05″ 4.70 oz 6,7,8 WF7 150 yd 20# $329
Speedster 3.5 4.4″ 1.15″ 5.70 oz 8,9 WF9 200 yd 20# $349
Speedster 4 4.8″ 1.25″ 8.50 oz 10,11 WF10 250 yds 30# $399