Carrot Nymph Wood Carving


Carrot Nymph Wood Carving from the workshop of Bill Flick.

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Carrot Nymph Wood Carving from the workshop of Bill Flick.

Bill Flick, a native of Kansas, lives his life as an avid upland bird and waterfowl hunter, progressive fisherman, and fly fisherman. Bill always has great respect and keen eyes for the outdoors and nature. In 1979, Bill took his passion for the outdoors to a new level allowing his creativity to inspire him, and he began carving the nature around us.

A self-taught artist, Bill began by carving smooth, stained ducks. Over time, his technique changed into carving realistic, highly detailed pieces. His subjects include waterfowl, game birds and song birds (particularly those indigenous to Kansas).

Today, Bill uses his vast knowledge of carving and love of fly tying and fly fishing to carve magnificent fishing fly carvings. Carving fly fishing flies is a unique form of art work directly associated with the true art of tying a fly with feathers and fur. All of Bill Flick’s carvings are representations and replications of actual named fly patterns or natural imitations of aquatic insects.

Whether it’s wood that he’s found on an excursion in nature, a block of wood he’s come across at a lumber yard, or from his own workshop, Bill lets the wood speak to him. When he chooses a piece of wood to carve with he takes his time and lets the resulting bird, fish, or fly fishing fly emerge. Each carving is unique – because of the nuances of the wood and materials that adorn a carving, every bird, fish, and fly fishing fly is truly one of a kind.

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Carrott Nymph Hand Carved Fly

Size of the Fly

  • 7″ L x 6″ H

Type of Tie

  • Traditional

Hook Material

  • Wire

Base Type

  • Burnt Wood