Brodin Replacement Net Bag


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Product Description

Brodin Replacement Net Bag for your fly fishing net.  Before you go ahead and buy a ghost bag, make a careful inspection of your frame. Even the lightest rubber net bag will exert additional stress on a net frame, especially in fast moving water. If it is lightweight and flimsy (you can test it by gently flexing the bow), you might run into problems when you land that 28” brown. But if the frame is stout, replacing the bag might be a good option.

Here is a list of net bags and the circumference of the nets that they will fit (be sure to measure on the inside of the bow and not the outside). Your frame can be a couple of inches smaller in size but if it is larger you are SOL. You can’t stretch the net bag to fit.

    • Small – Fits frames with 34″ circumference, 10″ deep.  Net frame not included.
    • Medium (Eco-clear) – Fits frames with 39″ circumference, 10″ deep.  Net frame not included.
    • Large – Fits frames with 45″ circumference, 11″ deep.  Net frame not included.

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 10.5 x 2 in


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