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San-Juan-River-Guide.jpgDurango Fly Fishing Guides

Durango fly fishing guides from Duranglers specialize in custom guided trips to waters in the Four Corners area. Duranglers will put you where the fish are and show you how to catch them. We’ll teach fly fishing skills to beginners of all ages and provide fine points and useful tips to the expert angler. Duranglers is the finest fly fishing guide service in the region. (Outfitter Registration #671)

Duranglers year-round guide service specializes in custom guided trips to the fabulous waters in the Durango area including the famous San Juan River tailwater section below Navajo Dam. Our guided trips not only take you where the fish are, but they also provide instruction for everyone from the rank beginner to the advanced angler. We have exclusive access to miles of private water that otherwise would be inaccessible. Let us plan an unforgettable fishing trip on one of the world-class waters that flow near Durango. Some of the many waters we guide on are the San JuanAnimasLos PinosDolores, Gunnison, Rio GrandePiedra and more creeks than you will have time to fish.  Duranglers is the premier guide service and outfitter in the Four Corners region!

Can’t thank you guys enough for an absolutely spectacular day on the Juan!  What a great way to start 2009, my brother and I could not have had more fun together and as my little brother said, “fishing with Joe was like fishing with a buddy…”  We caught plenty of fish, I certainly caught a great buzz, but more than anything, we shared a killer day together that both of us will remember for the rest of our lives.  I’ll look you guys up again in the next couple of months as I want to get my old man down there for a float trip as well.Werner

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Guided Trips

sw-show010-copyPeople have asked us what a guided trip is all about. All guide services are not equal. Duranglers custom guide service is the premier guide service in the West. Before your trip even begins, Duranglers works hard to ensure your stay in Durango and your fishing in the area will be the best it can be. We can help you pick the best fishing for when you are coming and choose the place that best matches your fishing desires. There is great fishing two blocks from our Durango shop on the Animas and it’s only a 50 short minute drive to the San Juan below Navajo Dam. We can drive a few minutes and get to the remote high country creeks, or we can make a more extended journey to the Rio Grande or Dolores River.  All our guide trips are custom designed. The guide will help you have the best day of fishing possible. Duranglers can help, whether it is your first time and you want to build a foundation and avoid much of the frustration of learning on your own, or if you are a seasoned angler who is looking to refine some skills. Our guides are excellent, patient instructors who love what they do, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Make sure you check out our San Juan River Guide page for more information on fishing the famed Quality Waters!

Black Canyon Float Trips

Gunnison River Fly FishingIn cooperation with Black Canyon Anglers, Duranglers offers three day float fishing trips down the wild Black Canyon of the Gunnison. A true wilderness trip, the Gunnison is limited to two commercial launches a day making wildlife encounters very common. This trophy water holds large rainbows and many feisty browns. Join us for one of the most memorable float trips in the world.

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River/Creek Float Wade Favorite Dry Flies Fav. Wet Flies Other Info
Animas Yes Yes Elk Caddis,Muddler Prince, Sculpins Float:June-Aug?
Cascade No Yes Humpy, Irresistible Caddis, W.Coachman Public
Dolores-Above No Yes Wulffs, Trudes Montana S.,Caddis Public & Private
Dolores-Below Yes Yes Caddis, Comparaduns P.T., RS2, Midge Float:June????
Florida No Yes Trudes, Adams 20 incher, Prince Public & Private
Gunnison Yes No Madam X, Trude Halfback, BH Prince 3 Day Float
Hermosa No Yes Beetle, Cricket Diving Caddis Public & Private
La Plata No Yes Hoppers, Wulffs Bugger, W.Coachman Public & Private
Lime No Yes Wulffs, Green Drake Hares Ear, Caddis Public
Los Pinos No Yes Stimulator, Elk Caddis Caddis & Stone N. Public & Private
Piedra No Yes Sofa Pillow, Humpy Stone & AP Nymphs Public & Private
Ponds Yes Yes Damsels, Renegades Damsels, Leeches Best:May/June
Rio Grande Yes Yes Sofa P., H&L Variant Bitch Creek, Buggers Float:June/July
San Juan Quality Yes Yes Parachute, Midge Dry Midge Pupa, WD40 Year Round
San Juan Lower Yes No Hoppers, Caddis BH Caddis,Streamers Float:Apr-Nov
San Juan-Colo Yes Yes Turcks T., Muddler BH Stone & Caddis N. Float-.Late June
Vallecito No Yes Humpy, Stimulator AP Nymph, Caddis Public