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Duranglers Private Water Guide Trips

Our Durango fly fishing guides have access to a few sections of private water on the Pine and Piedra Rivers for guided wade fishing trips. Both rivers are beautiful, offer privacy, and give a real opportunity for a 20-inch plus fish.

This section on the Los Pinos (aka Pine) just might be the prettiest river we have ever fished, and being a tailwater has very consistent conditions.  Access to the lower Pine is very limited, and as such offers a chance for solitude while casting to some of the biggest trout in the state.  The Piedra is a wild river in a very wild place and when it is right, can be awesome.  The section we have access to is an open river with beautiful riffle drops and plunge pools.  Both the Pine and Piedra rivers have a good mix of rainbow and brown trout.

Our private water fishing trips allow anglers to stalk and target some trophy trout on extremely beautiful pieces of water.  Call at 1-888-FISH-DGO or e-mail us at [email protected] for private water availability, rod fee information, or to book a trip on any of our private access water today!

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