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Duranglers High Country Guide Trips

The truth is that Durango has more fishing opportunities than one could fish in a lifetime.  The Weminuche Wilderness sits right outside our backdoor and includes 488,210 acres of undeveloped wilderness that is absolutely loaded with high mountain lakes and creeks.  These lakes and creeks are home to many naive and resident cutthroat populations who have never seen a human, let alone a fly!

Along with the Weminuche Wilderness, the San Juan and La Plata mountains contain a daunting amount of fishable water.  Duranglers has been exploring and learning the secrets of these numerous high country waters since 1983.  One of our favorite summer guide trips is into the backcountry to cast flies for eager trout.  Cutthroat and brook trout inhabit most of these these high country gems and are opportunistic eaters: a well presented attractor dry fly is often all that is needed to catch these fish.

Aside from the beautiful trout, the beautiful scenery of the San Juan mountains is something to behold.  Many of our mountain views will take your breath away.  Let Duranglers show you some of the blue line secrets of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado.

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Hike/Wade Day Trips

By far our most popular high country guide trips are a hike and wade trip with one of our guides.  These full and half day high country trips are off the beaten path and consists fresh mountain air, few people, a small hike, and casting flies to eager trout.  We can accommodate a wide variety of fitness and skill levels on these trips; weather you want to hike for a few hours or a few minutes.  A high country trip is also one of the best options for younger or beginner anglers.

Multi Day Pack TripsDuranglers Backcountry Pack Trips

Many high country lakes and creeks are inaccessible by vehicle and can only be reached on foot or horseback.  Duranglers has partnered with local outfitters and can accommodate the adventurous angler with a wide variety of multi-day pack trip options high into the backcountry.  Be it by horse, lama, or foot, these trips are truly an unforgettable experience.  Contact us to discuss this unique opportunity to get into the backcountry and catch some of the most beautiful (and possibly biggest) trout of your life!  These are once in a lifetime trips into some of the most stunning country in North America.

Call at 1-888-FISH-DGO or e-mail us at [email protected] to book a guided high country trip!

Photos From the High Country