Fly Fishing Classes

Duranglers can help improve your fly fishing by opening new horizons with a variety of fly fishing classes. Durango, CO fishing offers plenty of opportunities! Whether it is new skills or new water, Duranglers will help you become a better, more well-rounded angler. There are few things as enjoyable as catching a large trout with a perfectly presented cast. When the trout falls for your intricately tied fly cast from a rod that you spent the long winter nights building, it makes everything even sweeter. Duranglers can help you make this picture a reality with a wide variety of fly fishing classes!

Fly Fishing Schools, Tying Clinics, Casting Instruction, & Private Lessons
Available – Call (970) 385-4081 – toll-free 888-347- 4346 for schedule!

Fly Fishing Clinics

Duranglers Fly Fishing Clinic is what any novice fisherperson needs to step into the sport of fly fishing. The class covers the feeding habits of trout, how flies imitate the bugs that trout eat, essential knots, rigging your rod, and how to cast a fly rod. The class is taught by Glenn Tinnin, a certified FFF Fly Casting Instructor and veteran guide. The cost is $125. Space is limited, so please call our shop at (970)385-4081 or email us to reserve a place.

Casting Lessons

These custom designed individually tailored lessons are a chance to learn the art of casting a fly rod. Our one-on-one lessons are designed to help you understand the intricacies of the cast. We cover up to six different casts and the skills involved to help you present the fly to the fish as efficiently and effectively as possible. Avoid the frustration and learn from Durangler’s patient, knowledgeable instructors on the banks of the Animas River.

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Hour casting lesson/ 1 person ………………………$35.00
Hour casting lesson/ 2 people ………………………$50.00

Fly Tying Lessons

Offered during the winter and spring months, our tying lessons help you take the art of fly fishing to the next level. Tying your own flies is a great way to learn more about what is going on in a river and help you become a more successful fisherman. We offer both beginner and advanced tying classes where we tie a variety of nymph and dry fly patterns. Class size is limited.

Upcoming 2019 classes:

  • January 15th and 17th
  • February 5th and 7th
  • March 5th and 7th

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Two to Four (class size depending) – 2 hour sessions………………..$125.00

Casting Clinics

Duranglers, in cooperation with some of the world’s finest casting instructors, offers casting clinics to help you perfect your cast. Our in depth instruction during an intensive clinic program will help you learn all the fundamentals of casting a fly rod. Small class sizes and lots of individual attention assure your success. No matter what your level of expertise, from beginner who has never held a fly rod to accomplished life-long anglers, these world-class instructors will help you lay a foundation in fly casting or put a little polish into your cast. We offer these casting clinics periodically throughout the summer based on interest and availability of these high demand instructors.
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Open Fly Tying Night

Duranglers will be hosting Open Fly Tying nights throughout the winter Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6-8. This night is for any and all interested in fly tying. Bring your own tools, materials, supplies, snacks, beverages and just tie!  Although this is not an instruction night, there will still be plenty of learning from each other. This is a meeting of the minds: an excuse to get out of the house, get behind the vise, and have some fun with fellow tiers.  If you’ve got an upcoming saltwater trip and some patterns you want to take…great!  This is a free event for who want to hang out and tie with other tiers.  Equipment and materials will not be provided but we may be able to accommodate a few items or a vice if necessary.

Upcoming 2019 Open Tying Nights:

  • January 30th
  • February 28th
  • March 28th

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