Animas Lunch Report- 5/3

3 May 2016
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3 May 2016, Comments: 0

Animas Lunch Report- 5/3

The Animas is looking good with the cooler temps we had this weekend. Flows have dropped to around 700cfs but will start to climb back up with the warmer temps over the next few days. This may be the last window to get out and fish the Animas before runoff. Streamers will be a good bet as well as larger stonefly and caddis nymphs with a baetis trailer.

The San Juan has been fishing good lately with solid midge hatches and baetis in the afternoons. Dry fly fishing has been productive on overcast days. The Juan will be getting a flush sometime later this month but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fish it at those higher flows. Once the river clears from the ramp up the fishing can be good at 5000cfs, you just need to find where those fish tuck in to.

Our area lakes are heating up and fishing will be the best of the year over the next few weeks. Vallecito is slowly warming up and as the Pike spawn ends the fishing will be great. On warm days days, Pike will seek out shallow areas that warm faster and can be caught wade fishing or from a boat. The Smallmouth fishing at Navajo has been good and will continue to be good as it warms up. If your new to warm water fly fishing a guided trip with Mark Engler is a great way to start out.


Rob Schmidt
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