2015 Durango Fly Fishing Film Tour

9 March 2015
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9 March 2015, Comments: 0

2015 Durango Fly Fishing Film Tour tickets available now at Duranglers for Saturday, April 4th.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is rolling around on Saturday, April 4th; the same day as Durangler’s Fly Fishing Fest!  Make a day of fly fishing events and then top off the evening with a viewing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Tickets are available at the shop for both showings of the F3T: 4:00PM and 8:00PM.

Tickets will cost $13 at Duranglers, $15 the day of the showing at the door.

Trailers for the F3T films can be viewed here.

F3T web banner Durango[2]


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