Fly Tying: Hareline’s Baitfish Emulator Flash

9 January 2015
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9 January 2015, Comments: 1

Hareline’s Baitfish Emulator Flash

Baitfish Emulator Flash Colors

Hareline’s Baitfish Emulator Flash is a material we started carrying in the shop this past year.  Baitfish emulator flash was created with a nice mix of differently textured thin mylars with a specially treated edge for winding.  It was designed to make quick baitfish patterns by tying in the material and giving it two or three wraps on the hook then tie off, add some Holographic Eyes, and Clear Cure Goo to make a bombproof head.

While the emulator baitfish works well, we just felt there was more potential with this interesting material.  It is almost like an XL palmer chenille.  We decided this stuff needed some experimentation, and so we went to work throwing it randomly onto already proven patterns.  We have since found some sweet uses.  Among others:

  • • Pike fly collars
  • • Steelhead wet fly wings
  • • Streamer underwing flash
  • • and one of our favorites: the Baitfish Emulator Clouser

On top is an articulated Circus Peanut with an emulator flash underwing. On Bottom is a Rainbow Trout Clouser Minnow tied with emulator flash instead of bucktail.


Tied in the same manner as a clouser, but with the bucktail replaced by baitfish emulator flash; this fly swims and fishes great.  Not to mention a lot more durable than the original.  We have tied this in a few color combos such as: white/chartreuse, white/blue, white/black, chartreuse/black, white/olive, and white/olive/pink flash to represent rainbow trout fry.

It is actually surprising how much material comes in a package and a little goes a long way.  We have fished these clousers to bass, trout, and carp with good response.  Kyle is going to whip up a few skinny water versions for his trip to Turneffe Flats this spring for bonefish, tarpon, and permit.  More to come on the saltwater response…

Check out the man himself tie up some Clouser Minnows and if you are so inclined, replace the bucktail with Baitfish Emulator Flash!

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Andy McKinley
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His fly fishing writings have been published on blogs such as the Daily Drake and Simms Wading Room.

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  1. Ben says:

    Love this clouser variation. Looks like it’ll fish well.

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