Open Fly Tying Night, November 20th

13 November 2014
Comments: 2
13 November 2014, Comments: 2

It’s that time again.


We will be in the shop tying our own bugs and we hope you come and do the same. Although this is not an instruction night, there will still be plenty of learning from each other. This is a meeting of the minds: an excuse to get out of the house, get behind the vise, and have some fun with fellow tiers. If you’ve got an upcoming saltwater trip and some patterns you want to crank out…great! If you’ve never even held a bobbin in your hand and want to sit and watch how it all goes down… Awesome! Bottom line, we’ll be there. Come and join. 

This is a free event for who want to hang out and tie with other tiers. Make sure to BYO tools, materials, snacks, drink of choice, and creative juices. Equipment and materials will not be provided but we may be able to accommodate a few items and vices if necessary.

Come for awesome tying and hangouts. Hope to see you there.

Andy McKinley
Andy manages Duranglers Flies and Supplies online store and web content. When he is not plugging away in the basement of Duranglers, he can be found in the shop talking weird flies, throwing spey casts for few fish, eating pizza, drinking coffee, painting, and raising a family in Southwest Colorado.

His fly fishing writings have been published on blogs such as the Daily Drake and Simms Wading Room.

2 responses on “Open Fly Tying Night, November 20th

  1. Roger Wilde says:

    Hi Guys at Durangulars!
    First of all – you have an awesome website. Thank your for your profile on various Colorado fly rods – very informative.
    Second – wish I were closer (than Denver) to partake of your fly tying classes.
    Third – I look forward to visiting, and perhaps commissioning a guided fish-on trip, next spring.

    Roger Wilde

    • Andy McKinley says:

      Hey Roger,

      Thanks for the kind words, we wish you were closer too. You can make a long weekend of it sometime this summer and come visit us. We would be more than happy to get you set up on a trip.

      Thanks again,

      -Andy and Duranglers

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