Rental and Demo Rods Now Available on Our Website

17 February 2016
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17 February 2016, Comments: 0

Rental and Demo Rods Now Available on Our Website

We now have our rental and demo rods for sale on our online store. Rental rods are Sage Response and the Demo rods are Sage TXL-F. These rods won’t last long at these discounted prices so get one before they are gone. If you need a everyday rod at a cheap price than the Response is a great rod. The TXL-F is designed to be a creek fishing machine and is only available in smaller line weights and lengths.



Rob Schmidt
Fly Shop Manager at Duranglers Flies and Supplies
Rob has been around the Durango area a while. When he isn't putting the hurt on the local trout population, he can be found in the woods stalking animals, or in the penalty box at our local ice rink.

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