Smith Integrated Sunglass Leash Installation

27 May 2016
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27 May 2016, Comments: 2

Smith Integrated Sunglass Leash

Did you know that select models of Smith Optics are now coming with an integrated leash?  Instead of purchasing an aftermarket croakie retainer, these sunglasses come with their own!  Right now, only the Smith Guides Choice are sold with a leash.  However, the Colson and Challis are built to accept the leash but do not come with one, it must be purchased separately.  We expect that more frames will come with this leash in the future too.

We have recently been asked how to install this leash, so we put together this quick video that shows how to do it.  Enjoy!

Andy McKinley
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2 responses on “Smith Integrated Sunglass Leash Installation

  1. Robert Laquidara says:

    My Maui Jim Pipiwai Trail sunglasses have a similar pop-out at the end of the frames. Will the Smith Integrated Sunglass Leash fit those too?

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