Straight Out of the Hatch Reels Custom Shop…

9 November 2017
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9 November 2017, Comments: 0

Straight Out of the Hatch Reels Custom Shop…

Limited edition Orange and Blue Hatch reels for those living in Broncos country!  Coming up on the Holiday season, these bad boys make for a Christmas present for the Broncos fan/fly fishing junkie in your life.  These Gen 2 Hatch Plus Finatic reels are new this year and have incorporated some new design and function features that include:

  • BEAD BLASTED MIST FINISH – NEW! We’ve incorporated a mist finish on our entire lineup of reels. Misting creates smoother edges and provides for a more consistent non-reflective finish throughout. Plus it looks really damn cool!
  • FRAME + SPOOL CONNECTION – Creating a bombproof frame-to-spool connection is essential for maintaining strength, and true-spin consistency.
  • MACHINED REEL SEAT – A solid is always stronger than two parts attached by screws, and this eliminates the common problem of corrosion at these points.
  • CRANKS + COUNTERBALANCE – NEW! We’ve incorporated an Ultraflon sleeve that covers the aluminum shaft and separates it from the aluminum crank handle, eliminating the chance for galvanic corrosion.
  • LIP SEALS + BEARINGS – NEW! The amount of time anglers spend in the water has increased dramatically, so we’ve added lip seals and sealed bearings as a one-two punch to protect against the elements and a whole new level of water protection.
  • MULTI-DISC DRAG – A multi-disc drag cassette comprised of Rulon® and precision stamped stainless steel discs applies braking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces. This virtually eliminates start up inertia and stick-slip problems.
  • HOOK GUARD – Keep those hooks tucked into the arbor of the reel and out of the way of your hands.
  • FRAME FEATURES – NEW! Nine windows in the Gen 2 allows us to eliminate weight without sacrificing strength.

We currently have these beauts in stock, but they won’t last long.  Coming from the Hatch Custom shop in a limited run, once we sell out…they are gone!  Check out the 4 Plus for a dedicated 5 weight rod, 5 Plus for 6 or 7 weight streamer rods, or the 7 Plus for heavy steelhead and saltwater use.

These Hatc Broncos colored fly reels are seriously beautiful (even if you couldn’t care less about football).  Stop in the shop or check em out online!

Andy McKinley
Andy manages Duranglers Flies and Supplies online store and web content. When he is not plugging away in the basement of Duranglers, he can be found in the shop talking weird flies, throwing spey casts for few fish, eating pizza, drinking coffee, painting, and raising a family in Southwest Colorado.

His fly fishing writings have been published on blogs such as the Daily Drake and Simms Wading Room.

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