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26 September 2013
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26 September 2013, Comments: 0
With different colors, there are many different applications for wool when tying!

With a variety of colors, there are many different applications for wool when tying!

Well we’ve sure gotten what we wished for (and then some) in terms of rain! But that’s a good thing… Fall should be great. Lets all pray for good bugs!

The Animas is at 1,130cfs, as I type, and dropping into premo streamer conditions. Get out your 6 and 7 weights, heavy tippet, and big bugs. Now’s the time to go catch a big, mean Brown.

The primary baitfish in the Animas River is the Scuplin. And one of the best ways to mimic the fat-head-slender-tail profile is with “Sculpin Wool.” Any color you like, but brown and dark olive work well for me. If you aren’t familiar with this stuff, the end result is similar to a fat deer-hair head, but without the buoyancy or delicacy. Tie it on similarly too. Basically lash it on to the hook so that it encompasses the hook shank 360 degrees. This stuff compresses A LOT (like deer hair). Pull back the forward excess and make some securing wraps in front. Repeat until you have the desired size. Impossible to mess up, because it’s supposed to look kinda messy. Then simply trim to form a fat, wide head. Hard to beat a zonker strip for a tail. Add a Sculpin helmet or cone-head if you want. Just add water. Have fun!


Tied with Wool from Top to Bottom: Kelly Galloup’s T n A Rainbow
Andy’s Articulated Wooly Sculpin
Standard Wool Head Sculpin

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Tight Lines!


Andy McKinley
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His fly fishing writings have been published on blogs such as the Daily Drake and Simms Wading Room.

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