New Look for the Shop

New Look for the Shop If you stopped in the shop at any point this past January, you may have noticed some remodeling going on.  It is all finally complete, and our new Simms installation is looking sharp.  Stop in to check it all out!  Here are few shots of the process along the way.

Sage Bolt Fly Rod Review Duranglers Flies and Supplies

Sage Bolt, Accel, and 3200 Series Reel Flash Sale

Sage Bolt, Accel, and 3200 Series Reel Flash Sale [button title=”Shop Sage ACCEL” link=”/shop/sage-fly-rods/fly-rods-sage-2/sage-accel-fly-rod/” target=”_blank” color=”green” size=””] [button title=”Shop Sage BOLT” link=”/shop/sage-fly-rods/fly-rods-sage-2/sage-bolt-fly-rod/” target=”_blank” color=”green” size=””] [button title=”Shop Sage BOLT” link=”/product/sage-3200-series-fly-reel/” target=”_blank” color=”green” size=””] We got a lot of great feedback on our previous Flash Sale with the Sage PULSE and MOTIVE fly rods…so we are doing…