Animas Lunch Report – 5/10/16 – Find Another Fishing Hole

10 May 2016
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10 May 2016, Comments: 0

 Animas Lunch Report – 5/10/16 – Find Another Fishing Hole

Well it has begun, runoff.  Spring temps have rolled into town (finally) and the melting of the snow has begun.  The Animas is at about 1500 cfs and climbing.  It’s time to find another fishing hole for a few weeks.

So what might these fishing holes be?

Tailwaters, lakes and reservoirs, and high country creeks…to name a few.  Tailwaters are a staple of Colorado fishing and we are not short on them even in the southwest part of the state.  Reservoirs offer an opportunity to catch pike, carp, walleye, and bass along with trout (that can grow to heftier proportions).  Finally, high country creeks offer solitude and serenity in a pristine setting.  While many of these creeks may be running high and fast, they still hold fish and can be fished successfully even now with  your favorite hopper/dropper set up.

Why not let this year be the year you branch out and try something new during runoff.  You never know, you may be surprised at what you find.  Or you could just stick to the muddy waters you know and hope something sees your flies.

find another fishing hole

You could be casting these for pike, if you wanted to…

Andy McKinley
Andy manages Duranglers Flies and Supplies online store and web content. When he is not plugging away in the basement of Duranglers, he can be found in the shop talking weird flies, throwing spey casts for few fish, eating pizza, drinking coffee, painting, and raising a family in Southwest Colorado.

His fly fishing writings have been published on blogs such as the Daily Drake and Simms Wading Room.

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