Kyle’s Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack

24 December 2014
Comments: 1
24 December 2014, Comments: 1

Kyle’s Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack


For the past year, Kyle has been using the Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack for all his fishing outings.  The Headwaters Guide Hip Pack is very unique in it’s design.  It really just kind of looks like a box attached to a belt…and even somewhat “badonkadonk”.  However, it is extremely comfortable to wear as it sits high up in the center of your back and does not sag or shift around at all.  The design of the pack also makes it a great work station that keeps all of your gear and fly boxes right where you need it.


All packed up. The small coffee cup is for frame of reference and because coffee is awesome.

All other features aside though; the greatest asset of the Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack  is just how much gear you can actually fit into this pack.  You can literally carry everything you would ever need for a day of fly fishing in here.  How much is that exactly?  Well this much…and maybe a little more…


So what did Kyle fit in here?

There are also two straps on the bottom that Kyle has not used in the photos above to attach a rain jacket…or more sushi rolls.

They say less is more…and maybe there is “less” bells in whistles with this pack…but logically speaking: more is more.  The Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack just fits more.  It also keeps that stuff organized and easily accessible.

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Andy McKinley
Andy manages Duranglers Flies and Supplies online store and web content. When he is not plugging away in the basement of Duranglers, he can be found in the shop talking weird flies, throwing spey casts for few fish, eating pizza, drinking coffee, painting, and raising a family in Southwest Colorado.

His fly fishing writings have been published on blogs such as the Daily Drake and Simms Wading Room.

One response on “Kyle’s Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack

  1. Jeff says:

    Love the load out and I can find many of the same items in my Headwaters Guide Pack. But I’m giving the FP Nimbus a shot now cuz for as good as the Simms rides, it ain’t perfect. I’m not satisfied with online reviews since this kind of thing is so subjective so I bought both and we’ll see. Internal organization on the Simms is awesome though and that will likely be very missed in the Nimbus. Great article; Andy mentioned that you loved this pack when I was making decisions.

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